5 Best Coronavirus Dashboards To Map The Spread Of COVID-19

Currently, the biggest problem the world is facing is CoronaVirus. This virus is spreading very fast in the whole. Today it has reached every corner of the earth. And to track the spreading of this virus, many people are so concerned. If you are one of these people who want to know the spreading of this virus, then here is the most useful map you can easily find on the internet.

There are many dashboards and maps available online. Here we have tried to make a list of these dashboards. This article does not include any misleading information about Coronavirus. Many maps are also included in this report. The following are 5 best dashboards which will show you the map of spreading Coronavirus.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University provides data to lots of maps. This university even provides its map. Johns Hopkins map seems precise than all other available maps. Let’s have a look at the Dashboard to Map the Spread of COVID-19 which I have been able to capture.

Following are the few most accurate and up to date Corona virus tracking websites.

1. Worldometers
2. TrackCorona – (https://trackcorona.world/)
3. TrackCov19 – (https://trackcov19.live/)


HealthMap also gives the map of COVID-19 Spread. When it comes to animation, this map gives you the most suitable animated effects. Animation can provide a lot of data in a single place with the highest accuracy level. This map provides the latest and even the information about past cases. Have a look at this latest map.


When you come to the more technical point of view, here comes the NextStrain. This map gives you information about the spreading of coronavirus and also shows the routes through which this virus has traveled by country to country. This map provides a lot of information in the form of animated maps. Let’s have a look at this recently generated map.

World Health Organization’s Dashboard

The World Health Organization’s dashboard is another well-known source through which you can get information about the spread of corona virus. This map gives you correct and up-to-date information along with the animated map which shows you the concentration of the spreading of this virus. If you are curious and want to stay updated with the current situation of the spreading of Coronavirus then you can check the latest World Health Organization’s dashboard.

NBC New York 

This map is coming from NBC New York and shows how this Virus is spreading day by day. Most of the other maps are mostly searched because they are showing more details than this map coming out from NBC New York. However, this is a simple map to look and interact with and provides the latest as well as its spreading in the beginning also. In this map, the spreading of the virus is shown by the size of the bubble rather than using different colors to show the magnitude of spreading. Such that the greater bubble shows the more spreading and vice versa. This also helps people who are having any kind of color impairment.

If anyone is concerned with no map data then the New York Times’ dashboard is the best. Everyone can read and understand this map more easily. Most people can understand the visual data but the fact is that everyone is not a visual learner. This map from New York Times dashboard includes text statistics which helps the non-visual learner to understand better.

The Wuhan Virus

Besides these dashboards, The Wuhan Virus map is also better which shows the spreading of this virus in red and white countries. As China is nearly getting rid of this virus, that is why the owner of this site is not active as it was in the early times. But still, this site is updated four times in a single day.

We encourage all readers and advise them to wash their hands regularly, stay home as much as possible and pray for all of us to get rid of this virus. Hope this information will help you. Thank You….!!!

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